Become an Expert in the Bedroom

Become an Expert in the Bedroom


If you want to be the kind of guy that elicits smiles and second looks, no matter how good you are in the bedroom refining your repertoire and technique is always advised ( Besides, what’s more fun than learning more about sex, and driving your lover wild with some new knowledge or a scintillating new technique? If you want singles approaching you, giving you the eye and wondering with piqued enthusiasm if perhaps you might want to give someone new a try, or you just want to give your special someone a night to whisper and brag to their friends about, here are some ways to become an expert in the bedroom, and leave them begging for more. First, slow down on the porn. There is a controversy stirring as to whether impressions men get from watching porn are hurting their sex life. Another issue is that over-masturbation due to porn may be ruining the mood when you get together with someone offline. So limit your intake. Decide what would be a good level of consumption and stick to it. Next, consider what may happen if you are lucky enough to find yourself in the middle of a threesome. Whether planned or not, most guys focus on the fantasy without any thought to the logistics. You need to please each one and make them feel special. Your goal should be to make sure everyone climaxes at least one time.

Some men suffer from a low sex drive, or trouble maintaining their sex drive when in a long-term relationship. They expect to feel desire often. But the truth is, especially in a long-term relationship, sometimes you need to get the engine running before you can take them out on the road. That requires some effort. Turn your lover on first, or if you aren’t feeling it for a while and you know you should be, find ways to interact with your partner in a sexy way. Relationships change, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a robust sex life. Instead of moping about it, get to work on switching things up, surprising them with something sexy, or just doing things to get you two in the mood. Study up on sex a little. Get some books at the bookstore. Read articles online. Check out the Kama Sutra. Read up on Tantric sex and see if it’s for you. Really important advice, get to work on doing a little manscaping. Hygiene and good grooming are the number one turn-ons. Dress well and look like someone who they’d be attracted to. Wear a little cologne, do not bathe in it. If you’ve got some close male or female friends, talk to them about what they like and don’t like and what technique blew them away. This last one a lot of guys are embarrassed to try, but it will sharpen your game like nothing else can. Read women’s magazines and websites for advice. They read and talk about this stuff all the time.


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