Are You Sexually Normal?

Are You Sexually Normal?


We all have a good idea of what deviant behavior looks like. But have you ever wondered if you are sexually normal? We often wonder how often other people have sex and what kind of things they are up to in the bedroom. Though it may feel wrong, it’s actually perfectly natural to have these thoughts. Most people from time to time wonder about the sex lives of others and where they themselves fit in, in terms of adhering to sexual norms. It’s important to note that sexuality is an ever changing thing. People’s tastes change over time. The types of activities they take part in too may change due to changes in taste, partner, preference, physical ability and many other reasons. Not only does the individual change, but society’s attitudes toward sexuality change over time as well. For instance, talking openly about sex is much more acceptable today than in the past. That said there are still things that are taboo. Scientists have conducted studies to find out what is considered normal behavior and what isn’t. It’s important to keep in mind however not to get too wrapped up in what normal is because there is no hard and fast definition. It always changes. Moreover, some things are just a matter of taste.


How often do people normally have sex? The National Opinion Research Center found that for 18 to 29 year olds sex 84 times per year is average. For those in their 40’s frequency is 63 times a year. For those 70 and up it’s 10 times annually. Most young to middle-aged couples report a frequency of twice per week. An AARP study found that for Americans over age 45, sexuality is an integral aspect of their lives. 50% of participants reported having it at least once per week. Americans between the ages of 14 and 94 have an impressive sexual repertoire, according to The National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (NSSHB). Most sessions don’t comprise of merely one sex act. Oral sex or mutual masturbation is often accompanied by intercourse. Vaginal sex is the most common item on the menu. Still, the survey found that over 40 combinations, including different acts and positions, were reportedly taken part in by participants at some point in their history.

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