Could These 5 Sexual Issues all be in Your Head?

Could These 5 Sexual Issues all be in Your Head?


Many common sexual issues are actually psychological in nature.

Have you ever had problems with sexual desire or sexual performance? Although it’s not something most men openly discuss, the truth is that many men have experienced sex-related difficulties at some time in their lives. While some sexual troubles come about due to health issues, many sexual issues are actually psychological rather than physical.

Lack of sexual desire

Lack of sexual desire, or low libido, can cause problems in romantic relationships for both men and women alike. A man with the low libido may feel anxious about his seeming inability to provide the expected level of sexual desire. A woman who is partnered with a man who has a lack of sexual desire may worry that she is “not good enough,” or that her partner dislikes her. The truth of the matter is that there could be psychological factors at play causing the inhibited sex drive, such as stress, religiosity, or situational anxiety. Low libido isn’t always due to physical factors like an abnormally low testosterone level—sometimes, the cause is all upstairs.

Delayed ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation (DE), also called “inhibited ejaculation,” often has its ties to psychological `causes. DE happens when a man takes an unusually long period of time to have an orgasm. Frequently, men with a porn addiction can fall prey to DE, as well as men who experience performance anxiety. Although DE can be caused by physiological problems such as nerve damage, in many cases the issue is purely tied to the mind. Psychological DE can, however, be treated by enlisting the help of a sex therapist or using guided imagery therapy—whether under the care of a sex expert or in the privacy of your own home.

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation (PE) occurs when the male orgasm takes place too early during sexual activity, typically within one minute of beginning penetration. It is one of the most common sexual issues that affect modern men. According to a 2010 study published in the Primary Care: Clinics in Office Practice journal, as many as 30 percent of men may experience premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. What may come as a surprise is that many cases of PE occurs due to psychological factors, such as stress or anxiety, rather than any underlying physiological issue.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) happens when a man experiences difficulty with achieving or maintaining an erection during sexual activity. Although some men experience erectile dysfunction due to medical issues such as diabetes or advanced age, many men who are otherwise physically healthy experience erectile dysfunction. How can you tell whether your ED is medical or psychological? If you wake up with normal morning erections, or you don’t have any erectile troubles during masturbation, your ED is more likely to be due to psychological factors such as performance anxiety rather than physiological factors. Luckily, psychological ED is treatable and can be managed over the long term without ever having to set foot inside a doctor’s office.


Fetishism is something that is common among men, yet few of them talk about it. Having a “fetish” means having a paraphilia—a form of sexual disorder that has psychological roots—where an object or non-erotic body part is required in order for a man to become aroused. Common fetishes include foot fetish (sexualizing feet, particularly a sex partner’s feet) and types of clothing fetish (specific types of shoes, for example, or clothing made of specific fabrics). Without the presence of the sexualized body part or object, many fetishists are unable to perform sexually at all, as their arousal depends on the object or body part’s role in their sexual activity.

The bottom line

These problems and other sexual issues can be caused by psychological, rather than physical, means. While this may not seem like the most welcome news, the good thing about psychologically rooted sexual disorders is that treatment doesn’t have to involve medical procedures or taking pills each day for the rest of your life. In fact, many men find they are able to increase their sexual stamina and performance by using treatments such as mindfulness meditation or guided imagery therapy—both of which can be done in privacy, without ever having to leave your home. If you are experiencing sexual difficulties and you think the cause may be “all in your head,” don’t hesitate in seeking help. Many websites offer private, affordable treatment options that can help you regain your sexual prowess and keep it for a lifetime.

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