Is Paying for Sex Okay?

Is Paying for Sex Okay?


It’s considered the oldest profession, and headlines show that it hasn’t gone away. Lots of celebrities from Eddie Murphy to Hugh Grant have been caught with ladies of the evening ( The Secret Service too was caught in a high profile media blitz last summer when they found that many agents were enjoying a Columbian high-class call girl service. Prostitution is legal in Columbia. Though American attitudes about sex are changing and in fact have changed, by and large most men in the U.S. are loath to discuss the issue. It’s still considered taboo. A study out of the University of Portland found that around 10% of males in North America have paid for sex. These men are 44.2% less likely to be hitched. If they are married, the results of this study show that they aren’t in a happy marriage. These guys are also kinkier than average and are more open-minded when it comes to bedroom antics. One of the reasons men seek out a lady of the evening is to fulfill certain fantasies they have. Some women prefer not to do certain things. But a call girl will do what is necessary to earn her salary, and to hopefully acquire repeat business. So is paying for sex okay? That depends on a lot of factors. First, where are you emotionally? Some guys take sex very seriously, others not so much. Any guy who has spent even a trivial amount of time at a strip club for instance knows that there is always one guy who thinks the stripper is in love with him. This happens with call girls, too. If you are the type to get emotionally attached then you are setting yourself up for a fall.

Make sure the girl is of a decent quality. Perhaps an escort service that comes recommended. Or spend some time on reputable websites and do some research. Guys have been robbed, blackmailed, and more by hookers. So it pays to invest some time and read reviews should she have some. It goes without saying that protection should always be used. The chances of catching an STD is far higher with a prostitute. In doing your due diligence make sure that she always uses protection. If she offers without, pay her so she doesn’t make a fuss but do not let her service you. You don’t want this one time to make you end up at the doctor’s office, or in the case of HIV/AIDS and herpes, alter your life forever. Keep it quiet. This kind of information, if it gets out, can hurt your career, your relationships with family, friends and perhaps with a significant other. If you are going to a call girl to have a fantasy fulfilled but you are with someone, approach your partner with it first. Don’t do it just because you are embarrassed to approach your romantic partner with one of your fantasies. In fact, it may be a bonding experience, bringing you closer together. But if you are single, have no moral objections and do your homework, it can be a scintillating experience, and a memory you can call up whenever the mood strikes you.


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