We Will No Longer Stay Silent

We Will No Longer Stay Silent


You’ve probably heard of the saying “Silence is golden?” Well, we’re here to disrupt that myth. It’s time to scream, shout and let it all out.

Pakistani teenagers often find it difficult to talk openly about sexual abuse. In our society having discussions around sexual abuse is considered a taboo, which makes it difficult for everyone to talk about it openly.


But we’re ready to talk.

Bad news first: Sexual abuse is happening all around you.

Good News: A little awareness goes a looong way and we’re here to give tons of information on this topic so you know exactly what to do if you or your friend experiences abuse.

It is estimated that around 15-20 percent of Pakistani boys and girls from all backgrounds will be exposed to sexual abuse before the age of 18, and as teenagers we are all at high risk. According to a study done by Pakistani NGO Sahil, 1764 cases of child sexual abuse were reported in the media between January and July 2017. This number is 17 percent less than the number of child abuse cases that were reported last year, which might mean that sexual abuse incidents are decreasing, or simply that newspapers thought that writing about politics instead would make a better story.

We’re here to tell you that each and every one of you reading this blog has the ability to help prevent child abuse and harassment. Through Qadam Uthao we will be sharing some vital information about sexual abuse, including recognizing the signs, how to identify abusers as well as victims and who to call when faced with a similar challenge.  And YOU have to help us spread the message. Why? Because silence perpetuates this crime.

It’s time to start talking.

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