Learn SMART Rules to Protect Yourself from Sexual Abuse

Learn SMART Rules to Protect Yourself from Sexual Abuse



As we grow older, our parents and caregivers cannot be with us all the time. They may drop us at school but they cannot be with us while we are studying in school. Similarly, when we are studying with a tutor, our parents may be nearby but they can’t stay there with us to ensure that we are safe. In situations like these, one might be interacting with somebody who may be a potential abuser. It is very important for all of us to empower and protect ourselves from abuse. Let’s look at five SMART ways that can help us stay safe.

1 . Secrets – can be fun but if they make you feel sad, confused or uncomfortable then it is best to check them out with your parents or caregivers whom you trust the most. Our parents and caregivers such as teachers can help us to distinguish what’s safe and unsafe for us.

Mates – are there to help. So wherever you go, always take your mates with you. It is perfectly alright to request your friend to come along with you if you are going somewhere alone. And if you notice your friend is feeling uncomfortable going alone with someone then join them, maybe that’s what they need.

Always – tell your friends and parents where you are going and with whom. This is imperative. Its your parents and friends who can support you and save you. They can then keep an eye out for you.
Respect – your body. Always remember that your body is yours and no one has the right to see or touch your private parts. If anyone does that, say “No” firmly or seek help from elders.

Tell – your best friend and parents if any person makes you feel uncomfortable. Trust your instinct because if you feel uneasy in any person’s presence then they’re most probably not good for you.

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