The Best Period Tracking Apps

The Best Period Tracking Apps


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FLO Period & Ovulation Tracker

FLO is marketed as the No. 1 Women’s Health App – a ‘true fertility friend’. The app includes a period tracker, ovulation and fertility calendar, as well as a pregnancy-specific mode. All you have to do is record your symptoms and the app does the rest by converting your information into super useful and easy-to-read graphs helping you to better understand your body. This app is especially handy for those with irregular cycles – the more you log in, the more accurate the app’s predictions! The app also does a neat job of sending relevant daily health insights and articles tailored specifically for you and your cycle. It’s the perfect app for taking full control of your health!

CLUE Period Tracker

Rated as one of the top free period tracker apps by the Obstetrics & Gynecology Journal, CLUE is here for all your menstrual health needs. In addition to the usual period and ovulation calendars, the app offers menstrual flow, products, fluid (discharge) and pain trackers as well. The more information you log in, the more accurate your reminders for your next period and PMS. The app also keeps tabs on your fertility and sex habits, as well as helping you set birth control pill reminders. Still not sure about what’s going on with your body? Head over to the app’s website for all your menstrual and sexual health related questions!

EVE by Glow

Want to own your cycle? Want to feel good in bed? Then EVE is the app for you! Marketed as an app to track your period and sex life, Eve covers all the bases with its sex, health and period logs. Your information is presented in eye-catching charts and a daily ‘cyclescope’ – a forecast of where you are in your cycle and the symptoms you may be experiencing. The app also offers some serious in-app support, with a community of users that you can chat with about your period and sex-related health – ‘no topic is off limits’! An added bonus are some sexy quizzes, sexplanations and articles – offering you the information you need to understand your cycle and body in a whole new way.